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Helping a Friend?

Are you visiting this site to help a friend who may be in a crisis pregnancy? If so, She is very fortunate to have someone like you in her life that who cares enough to help with information and support.

Your friend is probably very scared about a possible pregnancy. It could be that she's experiencing panic and insisting that abortion is her only choice. The first thing you should do is to encourage her to varify the pregnancy at our center. She doesn't need to make any decisions until she is sure that she is pregnant. Please consider coming with her for the visit. Our tests are free, and we won't tell anyone of your visit to our center. Some of the people here have been through a crisis pregnancy, and some have chosen abortion. We are there to help you explore your options. Our assistance is caring and compassionate. We don't judge, preach, or condemn anyone seeking our help.

When a client has a positive pregnancy test, we take the time to provide her with information about all her options - single parenting, marriage, adoption or abortion - and our extensive support services. Many women initially feel like they have no other choice but to abort their babies. With our support, many realize they do have the ability to choose other options - like single parent, get married, or place their baby for adoption.

If your friend is pregnant, please understand that her decision could affect you. If she wants an abortion, encourage her to take the time to investigate all her options. There is no reason to rush or panic. Understand that many friends who accompanied women to abortion facilities discovered that they felt "responsible" and were even traumatized by the experience afterwards. Abortion isn't a safe and easy option for anyone involved. Many women who have had abortions share that they held deep anger against individuals who assisted with their abortions because "they didn't stop them" from making a choice that they would later regret. This could be a moment in time that you remember for the rest of your life. Be a friend by providing her with the best support available through our center.

Help her to learn more about what a preborn child looks like.

Regardless of your feelings about abortion, it's best to offer your friend everything that can help her make an informed decision. If she is determined to abort, you won't be any less of a friend if you don't accompany her to the facility. Encourage her to visit our center and learn about all her options. In doing so, you will be able to look back at this time and understand that you truly helped her in a time of need!

If you are the father of the baby, visit our For Men page for more specific information.

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