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Four Little Words...

I Might Be Pregnant

Those four little words can send your world into a whole new direction. You have so many questions - What are my options? Do my parents have to find out? Can I continue my education? What about me?

Perhaps you've taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Could you still be pregnant? What you need is information, practical help and the facts about all your choices.

We exist to serve you. Our center offers free pregnancy tests, practical information and friendship during this critical period in your life. Our services are also complimentary and completely confidential.

If your pregnancy is confirmed, we also offer free ultrasound exams to determine if your pregnancy is viable. It's important that you learn as much as possible to come to an informed and confident decision.

Our staff is specially trained in all areas of crisis pregnancy care management. Some have also experienced abortion and are here to help you with compassion and care. You will receive no judgment from us, no matter what decision you make.

Call us today to schedule a visit or send us an e-mail with more information. We want to help.

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